The Future of Our Alma Mater…

There are a great number of students currently attending DSU that will not be allowed to return next Semester to continue their education.

And it’s not because they’re not meeting their academic requirements.  It’s because they can’t meet the Financial obligations!  These students which are mostly comprised of seniors all have minimum GPA’s of 3.0 and they Need our help to realize their dreams of receiving their accreditation.

Your Delaware State University Alumni Association has responded to the call by Pledging a Donation to the University’s General Scholarship Fund in the amount of $86,000!  But, we think our Alumni Family can do more to show how much we care.  So, we are announcing a short-term Scholarship Contribution Drive beginning today and concluding this Friday (12/17).  The Goal is to raise an additional $14,000 of donations from Alumni, Local Chapters, Fraternities & Sororities, and Businesses.  Be a part of making the largest Association Contribution in the History of our University: $100,000!

Recently, Media outlets have highlighted the lack of giving from Alumni back to the Institution and how it has adversely affected DSU’s ratings amongst HBCUs.  Well, now we have an opportunity to boost our rankings by improving (2) of the Major criteria used in Collegiate Ratings:  1. Alumni Giving; 2. Student Retention rate.

We know that the Holiday Seasons can be an added strain on your finances, and we aren’t asking you to Sacrifice Everything.  We simply ask that you Sacrifice Something for the sake of these Students’ Futures.  Every Donation matters whether it is large or small.  We’ve made the donation process easy by providing PayPal links on the Association’s website ( to allow for credit/ debit card payments.  Your Alma Mater, Your Association and the future members of Your Alumni Family need you!  Play your part Today in changing these Student’s lives and investing in the Future of Delaware State University!

Make your donation to the Delaware State University Alumni Association today!

Peace & Hornet Love,

The Delaware State University Alumni Association



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