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TRADITION is where evolution meets continuity. The Tradition brand brings a sense of substance, history and authenticity to the marketplace by providing garments that represent the rich history and unique experiences that historically Black Colleges and Universities are known for. We strive to awaken a sense of pride within the African American community by carefully designing our line to highlight the richness of HBCU history in quality, tailor-made pieces.

We cannot and will not be conformed to the norm. Welcome to TRADITION

What do you get when you mix two HBCU alumni with experienced, impressive apparel resumés and the majority of the African-American owners & operators living in the Atlanta area? You get TRADITION.

What started as a conversation at a dinner table developed into a well-thought business plan and today has proven to be the most anticipated apparel company re-launch.

Since relocating the company to the Atlanta, GA, Tradition’s parent company Final IV Enterprises,LLC has done everything by the book to obtain the right to call itself an Official Licensed Collegiate Apparel Company. The corporation has recently become a member of the Georgia Minority Business Association and plans to explore all options within this privileged membership.

The fashion forward designs for the college market has been so well received that the Team has expanded the Tradition collection to also feature a branded division for Spring 2011. These items will be available in the best trend setting retailers worldwide. In the coming year, look for continued growth of the brand and the refreshing energy that will always be found with TRADITION.




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